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List - Countries in Central Africa

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List - Countries in Central Africa
05.01.09 (11:43 pm)   [edit]
  • There are 9 countries in Central Africa:
  1. Angola
  2. Cameroon
  3. Central African Republic
  4. Chad
  5. Congo
  6. Congo, Democratic Republic of
  7. Equatorial Guinea
  8. Gabon
  9. Sao Tome and Principe

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posted by: uwem (reply)
post date: 02.11.10 (3:01 am)

i argued with a frnd that cameroon was in west africa.wats he difference btwin central africa and west africa?

posted by: Sid (reply)
post date: 08.08.10 (9:41 am)

Reply to:
It's a geographic region. Anyway, Cameroon uses the Central African CFA (central African franc) whereas in some countries to the west the West African CFA is used.

posted by: zaliu totti (reply)
post date: 09.29.10 (10:13 am)

i want to the world

posted by: Sifiso Xaba (reply)
post date: 03.22.11 (5:12 am)

i want to know the regional populations

posted by: wasdfg (reply)
post date: 05.31.11 (2:08 pm)

Reply to: They are in different areas of Africa.

posted by: Zinny (reply)
post date: 08.14.11 (8:46 am)

The thing is that most african's still think that cameroun is in west african regional. I therefore,suggest that geography should be studied in schools so that,we africans know much about our own history.thanks.

posted by: laika (reply)
post date: 08.25.11 (1:58 am)

malawi is missing from the list of countries in central africa

posted by: (reply)
post date: 09.06.11 (8:38 am)

Africa unite

posted by: Moses (reply)
post date: 12.10.11 (8:00 am)

Africa is a beautiful continent lets keep it peaceful and advocate for peace am proud to be part of this beautiful continent

posted by: Kadiri Issaku from University Of Ghana (reply)
post date: 01.20.12 (12:18 am)

Africa is enrich with natural resources, our leaders should draft policies that will enhance human capital investment and a united front in order to harness the natural resources for the benefit of Africans and not the selfish Western countries.

posted by: buy cheap oem software (reply)
post date: 02.10.12 (9:31 pm)

EqtGIW Somewhere in the Internet I have already read almost the same selection of information, but anyway thanks!!....

posted by: (reply)
post date: 02.22.12 (11:44 am)

Reply to:

posted by: (reply)
post date: 02.22.12 (11:44 am)

Reply to:

posted by: Kelly (reply)
post date: 03.04.12 (4:03 pm)

Is Zimbabwe in the east africa

posted by: lee (reply)
post date: 03.18.12 (12:47 am)

geography n history is nice it helps us 2 no more abt our culture civilizatn d african history is nice

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