List – Countries in Central Africa

  • There are 9 countries in Central Africa:
  1. Angola
  2. Cameroon
  3. Central African Republic
  4. Chad
  5. Congo
  6. Congo, Democratic Republic of
  7. Equatorial Guinea
  8. Gabon
  9. Sao Tome and Principe

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15 thoughts on “List – Countries in Central Africa

  1. Reply to:
    It’s a geographic region. Anyway, Cameroon uses the Central African CFA (central African franc) whereas in some countries to the west the West African CFA is used.

  2. The thing is that most african’s still think that cameroun is in west african regional. I therefore,suggest that geography should be studied in schools so that,we africans know much about our own history.thanks.

  3. Africa is enrich with natural resources, our leaders should draft policies that will enhance human capital investment and a united front in order to harness the natural resources for the benefit of Africans and not the selfish Western countries.

  4. EqtGIW Somewhere in the Internet I have already read almost the same selection of information, but anyway thanks!!….

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